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Huge Digital Campaign Drives Win for Paid Family and Medical Leave in CT

Using banner ads, videos, text messaging and social media, a coalition led by Connecticut's Working Families Party pushed the Paid Family and Medical Leave bill through the Legislature this session. We worked closely with WFP's Communications Director, Roger Senserrich, to help develop the digital strategy that won the day. "The results were really significant... we had thousands of people contact their legislators." - Roger Senserrich

The messages resonated with audiences. We produced video testimonials from workers who had to choose between family and jobs in times of illness, birth, death and injury, and we guided the development of banner ads that caught people's attention and brought them to a landing page where they could take action.

These videos were boosted and shared on social media. Additionally, we used voter lists to target ads at specific legislative districts, and a patented algorithm allowed us to target the devices of everyone who accessed wifi in the Capitol and Legislative Office Buildings. Finally, we also captured their mobile devices, which then enabled us to deliver content to many of their home wifi networks.

"The important thing is that thanks to the targeting we were able to actually make sure that the legislators we care about were the ones getting the contacts." - Roger Senserrich In fact, the targeting was so successful that some legislators told Roger, "Okay, a lot of people called me on this, I'm a YES now, please stop targeting me."

You can watch all the ads by clicking on the gallery on our homepage at

If you have an important legislative issue that you want to advocate next session, please let us know. We'd love to help. Amy Kalafa John Hartwell

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