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  • J. Hartwell / A. Kalafa

We can target you digitally, and MAYBE that's a good thing

You've heard of Russian bots and the disastrous misinformation campaign they spread that cost Hilary Clinton the presidential election in 2016. Think that's all gone away? Nope - in fact, this is now business as usual in the online marketing world.

Your behavior is being tracked through your devices. From those shoes that you looked at on Zappos, to the stadium game you went to last weekend, data brokers are watching you and selling your information to advertisers through an online auction. And those advertisers are serving up messaging designed specifically for you, based on your activities both online and in the real world.

The right-wingbots will continue to abuse this system, so we are matching them at their own game (minus the fiction and the bots). Our team is using those very same digital targeting techniques to reach voters in critical districts. Recently, we've utilized variations of a patented digital targeting system to help win Paid Family and Medical Leave and the $15 / hour Minimum Wage in Connecticut, as well as a landslide win for First Selectman Beth Heller and her Democratic Team in Woodbridge, CT.

Want to learn how it's done? Read this revealing article from the L.A. Times, that describes some of the specific advertising techniques we're using to help progressive causes and candidates win their campaigns.

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