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What kinds of videos will your campaign need?

- Announcement

- Biographical

- Fundraising

- Platform and Issues

- Contrast Ads

- Endorsements and Testimonials

- Social Media Mini-docs

- Live Streaming Events

- Candidate Tracking

- Get Out the Vote (GOTV)


Charge out of the gate ahead of the crowd.  Let voters know that you're running to win.


We design creative subtitles so viewers get your message without sound.

"Julie 2018" 

After an illustrious career as a union leader, Julie Kushner is looking to apply her negotiating skills in the Connecticut State Senate, representing working families int the 24th District.


People want to hear your story.  In local elections, people vote for the person.  Help them get to know you better.

“I'm Rob Simmelkjaer”

Rob was a candidate for Second Selectman in Westport, CT.  He wanted voters to know about his upbringing, his career and his family values.

Platform and Issues

What do you care about?  Why are you running? What do you stand for? Reach voters with compelling messages that showcase your point of view.

"Save the Cribari Bridge"

Melissa Kane proposes a solution for a beloved local bridge that will satisfy the preservation concerns of citizens while insuring safety for all.

Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

A message of encouragement and urgency motivates voters to show up at the polls.

Actor Jim Naughton tells local voters that, "it's not enough to like and share this video on Facebook.  You have to go vote!"


This video for Pratham, the largest educational NGO in India, helped raise record-breaking funds from their US supporters.

Raise the funds you need for your campaign. Video is a proven winner for successful fundraising.  Whether it's Kickstarter or a grand gala, a compelling video message makes your case by bringing viewers into your story.

Contrast Ads

What sets you apart from your opponents? Why are you a better choice?

"Don't Jeopardize the Future for Redding, Weston and Easton"

Senior citizen Meta Schroeter spoke out at a Halloween event to criticize a local candidate for trying to be in two places at once.

Endorsements and Testimonials
Candidate Tracking

Your supporters want to talk about you.  In the marketing world, referrals are the most powerful tool. In politics, it's endorsements. Show who's supporting you, and why.

"I'm Jim Cameron, founder of the Commuter Action Group, and I'm endorsing John Hartwell for Board of Finance."

Content ready for social media the same day. 

"Sustainable State"

Bonnie Troy (candidate for CT General Assembly in the 135th District), Sal Gilbertie (Easton, CT farmer) and Phil Dwyer (candidate for State Senate in the 28th District) discuss how sustainable business practices can be the key to turning around Connecticut's stagnant economy.

Mini-documentaries for Social Media

Carefully crafted stories that show you in action.  There's no better way for voters to get to know you than seeing you unscripted in the real world. 

"Drinkable Ink and a New Economy"
Bonnie Troy wants to eliminate burdensome regulations and pass progressive legislation supporting sustainable business practices for small and large businesses. Troy visits Blue Hammer Creative to learn about their "Blue is Green" initiative using eco-friendly inks, poster board made from post consumer waste, biodegradable adhesives and other recyclable materials.

Live Streaming Events

Feels just like you are there.

Fairfield County Democrats kickoff rally

in Stamford, CT 

Advocacy Campaigns

Direct mail, social media, bus, billboard, radio, tv and print.  We create a powerful message that tells a story and motivates action.

"Don't Lie to Me"

Mock-up for a NARAL awareness campaign aimed at fake crisis counseling clinics.


Train staff in canvassing, phone banking and other forms of outreach.

"MXenergy Door to Door"

Placeholder video from our archives 

We're always updating our gallery and campaign pages with new media. 

Check back here to see our latest video productions.

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